Friday, September 11, 2009

Your $35 Covers. . .

The $35 charge covers:Linda McGuire wrote:

Hi Cindy,
Thank you for your interest in McGuire’s Millrace Farm. We have had several successful class reunions at The Barn. In addition to our decorations, we invite you to bring memorabilia items from your school days.

The following is included in your estimate:
facility rent
twin staircases and balcony for pictures
table center pieces
decorated buffet tables
dishes, silverware, glasses, napkins
silver fountain with punch, if requested
sound system
large projector screen

Below is a menu provided: (rolls or tomato basil bread included)

Two meats:
Foster Sister’s specialty chicken
Pork loin

Two vegetables:
oven roasted potatoes
scalloped potatoes
garlic mashed potatoes
squash casserole
green beans

One salad with ranch dressing:
tossed salad
pasta salad

Two desserts and sugar free vanilla pudding
banana pudding
cobblers with ice cream
brownies with ice cream
Drinks provided

sweet and unsweet tea with splenda and lemon
soft drinks

Estimate: $35 per person with desserts
$30 per person without desserts (you may wish to bring a large, decorated, sheet cake)

We would be glad to meet with the class reunion committee and discuss these services.

Thank you.
Margie Stroud
McGuire’s Millrace Farm

Note to classmates: We are going with the $30/per person with no dessert. The extra $5 will go toward advertising and the $100 reservation charge. If anything left, we will donate to Hiwassee Dam School Library.

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