Wednesday, September 30, 2009

82-92 Class Reunion

I am getting lots of questions like, "Who else from my class is coming?" Well, lots of people have told me that yes, they are coming and will be sending in their money, but I haven't received very many people's money yet. I know that people wait to the last minute though. Hope to start getting the registrations in after the first of the month. EVERYONE! Send your money in so we can have a great reunion.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Invite Your Friends from School

I had misplaced my yearbooks. You know how you put something in a very safe place so you wont lose it? Well, I did that and then I forgot where that safe place was! I kept searching in my attic last night until I finally found them!

Now that I have located my yearbooks, I will do everything in my power to reach as many classmates as possible. Please help me by contacting your classmates and inviting them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look for Our Ad

The Ad for our reunion is in this week's copy of the Cherokee Scout! If you speak to any of our classmates, who do not use internet, please refer them to page 12A of September 16th's Scout.

Reunion Update

Linda at Millrace has gotten back to me on the alcohol subject. They do allow alcohol at their venue, but she suggested that alcohol be held off until after our program and dinner has been served. Those that do not want to be around alcohol are more comfortable in this situation. Any persons wishing to BYOB may do so, but please wait until after 10pm and please do so responsibly.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Your $35 Covers. . .

The $35 charge covers:Linda McGuire wrote:

Hi Cindy,
Thank you for your interest in McGuire’s Millrace Farm. We have had several successful class reunions at The Barn. In addition to our decorations, we invite you to bring memorabilia items from your school days.

The following is included in your estimate:
facility rent
twin staircases and balcony for pictures
table center pieces
decorated buffet tables
dishes, silverware, glasses, napkins
silver fountain with punch, if requested
sound system
large projector screen

Below is a menu provided: (rolls or tomato basil bread included)

Two meats:
Foster Sister’s specialty chicken
Pork loin

Two vegetables:
oven roasted potatoes
scalloped potatoes
garlic mashed potatoes
squash casserole
green beans

One salad with ranch dressing:
tossed salad
pasta salad

Two desserts and sugar free vanilla pudding
banana pudding
cobblers with ice cream
brownies with ice cream
Drinks provided

sweet and unsweet tea with splenda and lemon
soft drinks

Estimate: $35 per person with desserts
$30 per person without desserts (you may wish to bring a large, decorated, sheet cake)

We would be glad to meet with the class reunion committee and discuss these services.

Thank you.
Margie Stroud
McGuire’s Millrace Farm

Note to classmates: We are going with the $30/per person with no dessert. The extra $5 will go toward advertising and the $100 reservation charge. If anything left, we will donate to Hiwassee Dam School Library.

Some Questions I've Had About the Reunion

I thought I would post on here answers to some questions I've had had about the reunion details.

1. Understand that the $35 is going toward food AND the rental of the building, but is any of the $ going toward the purchase of alcohol?

The $35 charge is to cover the meal and the rental of the facility. No money is going toward the purchase of alcohol.

2. I’m assuming that people will be able to BYOB?
I don't know about BYOB.? We didn't plan on alcohol being involved. I guess this should be discussed and maybe a vote on this? I don't know? I have asked the owners of Millrace if some can BYOB if they wish. Will post as soon as I know.!

3. The reunion FB page states the reunion is for Jerome Stiles. We have lost several classmates and understand that there may be some memorial mention for them.

(Shari, please correct me if I am mistaken.) The statement "This is for you Jerome" was posted on there by Shari Soph when she created the page? It was right after Jerome's death and I think it was because Jerome had wanted to have a reunion. I would like to do some type of memorial for all classmates who have passed. Would someone like to be in charge of this?

Melissa Floyd Hall has volunteered to light a candle and maybe have a moment of silence in memory of our classmates who have passed. We have decided that we will not direct it toward or mention any classmates name for fear of leaving someone out. Ten years is hard to cover with this type thing and we would not want to hurt anyone by leaving one out.

4. Is there a threat that if enough people do not RSVP that the reunion will not take place? If so, will all of people’s $ be refunded?

We already have over 20 people who have indicated that they will be there so, No, no threat of no reunion. If something did happen, I would personally see to it that the balance in the savings account be divided equally between the ones who have payed, but I don't see that happening at this point. (I have already paid $100 to reserve the venue and $50 for the advertising in the local newspaper.)

5. My suggestion is that all of the people who have responded be listed yah or nay on the blog page or FB page if possible. More people might decide to RSVP if they knew more of the people who were coming.

I have tried to think of ways to let people RSVP (the blog has it on there) but it's not working. ? I do have a list of people that I have spoken to or emailed directly that have said, "yes" they are coming. (27 names of classmates - not counting spouses)!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1982-1992 Reunion Details

Here are the reunion details as to date:
1982-1992 Decade Reunion
Saturday, October 24, 2009
7.p.m. @ McGuire's Millrace Farm
600 Hendrix Road
Murphy, NC 28906

$35/person paid in advance.
Deadline for RSVP & payment is October 9, 2009.
No exceptions!
Payment includes full buffet-style dinner.
We encourage you to bring HDHS memorabilia and pictures of your children/grandchildren, etc.
Payment by debit/credit may be submitted to by clicking "send money", then entering

Payment by check may be mailed to:
Cindy Howard Chastain
128 Trillium Trail,
Murphy, NC 28906

Adults only.
Children may be involved in a more casual Friday night gathering. Details to come.
Reunion contacts on Facebook: Melissa Floyd Hall, Cindy Howard Chastain, Ronald Harris, Shari Soph Kellogg

SEE YOU THERE! Don't forget to INVITE your classmates.............